Based in Ilocos Sur, we are a group of freelancers in the professional field of the event industry, offering fast transaction and hassle free service packages that would make your mind at ease.

A lone hobbyist photographer was called to service a wedding in the neighborhood, he was a jack of all trade but master of none. In that same event, he met a florist who has been in the event industry for over a decade, they then have a discussion about forming a team and thus Shane Luis Events was born in 2019.

Our team of photographers, make-up artists, decorators, and sound tech, consist mostly of a freelancer in their professional field.

Why the name “Shane Luis”? The previous name of our facebook page was “Shane Luis Photo’s and Prints”. It’s the name of the photographers son.

As time passes by and events are being serviced, we don’t stop learning in a new creative ways thus improving our skill sets. We always re-invest our earnings to acquire new gears and equipment to use at your event.